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Brand Membership Software for multi-brand retailers and 
department stores to deliver personalised brand and
discovery experiences and drive profitable growth.

Multi-Brand Retail Reinvented.

Discover. Shop. Experience.
Get your consumers through their purchasing journey easily. Again and again.
Personalised Experience.
Give your consumers a digital present. Every time they buy.




We help you “sell” what makes you different from your competition – your brand and discovery experiences.

Hyghlyne is a Brand Membership Software Product, a mobile app, that has been specifically designed to help multi-brand retailers and department stores build intimate consumer relationships and convert these into profitable sales – in-store and online. With every purchase consumers receive a “digital present” that allows them to discover, shop and experience your brand in a personalised way and in-line with your brand image.

The product applies a unique approach to delivering brand and discovery experiences and solves many of the hardest marketing challenges in lifestyle retail around experience ROI / profitability, consumer experience, marketing cost and complexity, consumer insights, privacy and blending online with in-store.

Hyghlyne serves multibrand retailers and department stores in fashion and beauty

Helping multibrand retailers grow profitably

– In-Store And Online –

The traditional multibrand retail model relies on differentiated brand and discovery experiences to profitably sell to consumers. The internet has broken up this model. Why? These experiences are delivered pre-purchase and can now – helped by the transparency and convenience of the internet – be consumed entirely for free. You could say that “connected consumers” go to the store of their dreams but then purchase the product from the retailer that offers the product at the lowest price and better convenience.


At Hyghlyne we help retailers compete on brand instead of on price. With every purchase, consumers receive a “digital present” that allows them to discover, shop and experience your brand in a personalized way and in-line with your brand image. Every purchase leads to a new and different personalized experience. The experience is different depending on the consumer’s personal style and lifestyle, the product the consumer bought and the retailer the consumer bought the product from. No journey is ever the same.

Our product is unique in the world and is based on our expert understanding of the problem-solution space in multi-brand retail. Our thesis is brought together by five ground-breaking product design principles described in our insights section.

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